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 Update 1.4

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PostSubject: Update 1.4   Update 1.4 EmptyThu Jul 10, 2014 3:03 pm

This is a massive update that requires the cooperatiom from everyone (as always). The combat and ability system are taking a huge turn but hopefully this will help simplify everything.

The new system will no longer include stats of any sort but will include Tiers.

The most basic tier explanation is

Minors: T0-2
Majors: T3-5
Supers: T6-7
Devas: T8-9
Godlies: T10

To start with, total stat points have been reduced from 150 to 25. Now all characters will have 25 Stat Points (SP) to put into their character. (Stat points may be purchased from the forum Shop)

Tiers are basically the power level of an ability. These range from 1 to 10 and act as a balancing factor to decide what abilities are stronger. Higher tears generally mean higher power. These tiers will add to your base stats to form a final result.
Ex. 5 Atk Base Stat + T3 Atk = 8 DMG

However the opponents stats will still deduct from your attacks as normal.
Ex. 8 Atk DMG - 3 Def Base Stat = 5 DMG

Buffs, Debuffs, Actions and Summons also act with Tiers as well depending on stats given/actions performed.

Buffs/Debuffs affect based stats based on the buff/debuff tier. The higher the tier the more it affects the target.
Ex. A T3 Def Buff will add 3 Def to the targets base Def. Also, each Ability Set (Minor, Major, etc.) Will limit how much buff all abilities within that Set may provide. This is to prevent constant buff stacks.

Minors/Majors/Supers/Devas/Godlies may have up to T6/T9/T12/T14/T15 TOTAL. Therefore, you may not have 4 Minors buffs that are T2 each. That would surpass the minor limit of 6. Also, the Set that the buff is in determines how many stats the buff is allowed to affect. Minors are 1, Majors 2, Supers 3, Devas 4, Godlies 5.

Actions are not heavily dependent on tier as many of them will be low ranked within Minor Abilities

Summons have a unique Tier system. Users may only summon creatures with Tiers equal to their magic stats. Creatures may also be weaker than the magic stat.

New templates will be made for each type of ability.

Generally, the higher tier the ability is, the longer the Cooldown will be.

Number of Abilities per character has also been altered to create smaller toolboxes.

Each character may have UP TO BUT NO MORE THAN:

5 Minors
4 Majors
3 Supers
2 Devas
1 Godly

(More ability slots may be added to the Shop)

Transformations have also been affected thanks to the Tier System. Like before, transformations offer buffs.

Tier 1of your transformation may grant buffs only equal to a Level of 5. That means you may have a Tier 2 and 3 buff of a 2, 2 and 1. As long as it doesn't surpass 5 its fine.
Tier 2 of your transformation may grant buffs equal to a level of 10
Tier 3 if your transformation may grant buffs equal to a level of 15

Also. Perception has been changed. No character may have a Perception greater than 3 with exception . 3 acts as the base for most humanly stats. Perception can be increased up to 10 (Near-Omnicity) with abilities. Few exceptions will be made.

Further explanation for each ability will be provided here :

Have fun editing ^^
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Update 1.4
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