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PostSubject: Absolem    Absolem     EmptyFri Jul 11, 2014 5:31 pm

Name: Absolem

Title(s): Bringer of Demise

Age: Undefined

Origin World/Anime: Kingdom Hearts

Family: None

Gender: Male

Residence: None

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Personality: Absolem doesn't talk much seeing as he believes actions reap deeper than words. He's generally quiet and unbiased, however he solely fights for his own purposes.


Ability Template:

Pets: None

Quotes by Character: "...."

Theme song:

History: Absolem had no birth. He lacked the creation that humans had and felt the absence of the "life" that they've all come to know. For many years, he craved this life. Taking many to find its secrets, he gave up his search and moved on to more pressing matters.

Absolem is a possessor of a Keyblade despite being a heartless. He also has reason to believe he is a successor of the father of heartless, Ansem. Normally heartless cannot wild keyblades, but he believes he is able due to his fathers possession of the Keyblade Riki. This ability may have been passed down to him indirectly.

His primary goal is to attain the Kye Blade, the worlds most powerful Keyblade. He uses his own Keyblade, Oathbreaker, to pursue this goal. He makes few allies but is a prominent leader, while he normally prefers to act as a rogue.

Any credit: N/A


Atk- 3
Def- 0
MA- 8
MR- 5
Spe- 7
Per- 2
Origin Bonuses-
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