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 Update 1.3

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PostSubject: Update 1.3   Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:53 pm

This isn't exactly a full update considering it only requires you to change minor details in your characters abilities. Its mainly just to clear up what the ability is actually doing.

From now on ability time will be classified as:

Attack - Anything that is intended to do damage. (Rasengan, Fire Fist, etc.)
Note: Attacks no longer buff a characters stats. The +40 Atk/Ma will now be classified as the attacks power and weighed against the targets def/mr

Defense - Anything that is intended to avoid damage. (Dodges, Walls, Blocks, etc.)

Buff - Anything that increases the users stats. (Sharingan, Power ups, etc.)
Note: Buffs can affect any stat

Debuff - Anything that decreases the opponents stats. (Freezing, Crippling, etc.)
Note: Debuffs can affect any stat

Action - Anything that allows the user to permorm abnormal features. (Double Jump, Flight, Wall Clings, etc.)
Note: Actions do not include stat changes

Summons - Anything that calls upon another creature to aid in battle. (Shadow Clones, Summonings, etc.)
Note: Summons do not include stat changes. Also, each summon must have stats within its ability description

Other - Anything not specified above.

So take out all those "Actives and Passives" and put these in. Full cooperation is required. Your characters do not need approval after this edit but they will still be checked .
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Update 1.3
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