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セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

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PostSubject: Shingeki No Kyojin Railotsu-koguratsu   Shingeki No Kyojin Railotsu-koguratsu EmptyMon Jul 07, 2014 11:22 pm

Name: Lei, Yu
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 127lbs
Personality: Quietly menacing.
- Battle Skill - [10/10]
- Initiative - [5.5/10]
- Strategy - [8/10]
- Teamwork - [1.25/10]
Occupation: Survey Corps
Bio: [A note found in the burning clothing which is believed to belonged to that of a man, whether or not this mans body was eaten or eradicated is not known to most of the survivors . . but the true story lives in the decapitated frightened faces of men, women, children, and soldiers of the Trost invasion.]

"Do not think you're safe now you dogs and your high ordered Ignatius king, you have an interbreed threat among you . . multiple are."
"Thus however, how can I, his creator, bestow to you my deepest and insincere apologies to that of you quivering fools with your arrogant ways and tenacious point of views on my irrefutable ingenious creations! 'Magcarniviro' catchy isn't it? brilliance in itself the mother of all languages cannot fathom my genius. What you probably call titans are so much more than that my dear lesser beings, as you fight I record how few titans return and what form that of which return, I'm am however unaware of how you're dealing with the moles who may or may not even know what they are or their purpose in this war.but trust an believe these of my children aren't always in plain sight, for instance it maybe your most glorious performed soldier, or the lowly slacker, or maybe . . the average lackey your decision on who is who.My titans will only increase in number, stature, and resiliance, for instance are you are at how versatile Titan conversion is in this style of warfare? No? well you're in for a treat of no rivaled caliber. . the age of Titan is now . .are you ready for many lives to be lost in the process?"

Yu, he wasn't "born" of any circumstance, but made to become a weapon of an elite assassination titan core called "Hitsukunejin" they infiltrated high ranks in the armies and created sabotage unseen until they were found out with irrefutable evidence, a resistance was made but they ultimately give up seeing that they have no where to run to. . . and a short life span if they 'over do' things. Yu seemed to always keep his cool, even in the heat of battle, very rarely would the emotions of anger and hate as well as fear and sorrow occupy his expressions and mind.
Beginning at training day #1 Yu had tried to excel without giving much effort which got him put in the B+ range a lot, but something, something one day clicked in his mind, Yu wanted it more than anything, anything in the world. Yu's life had been very traumatic, his real mother was brutally raped and abducted by his 'stem celled' created father. The Titan creator modified the women's body to withstand the birth of a child given to her by a 'Stem Celled" created father, Yu was 'born' into this world trained in the Bujinjudo and Keysei fighting styles as well as pre-exposed to the foundations of 3D gear. hen Yu was 14 years of age he spent 2 years living with a family that Yu's father remarried to and Yu himself grown attached to them over those two years and his father noticed and decided to end it all. After seeing his father go berzerker mode inside their town home, killing his little sister and his loving mother, turning his rage on countless soldiers and civilians. . .Yu decided for once, Yu made a vow to himself . . to this world. . to his honor, that no titan of harm shall be given to opportunity to cause harm to another, not now not until he eradicates the scum who made him and his titan counter-parts. Decision time, Yu undresses the gear and bloody clothing of a fallen soldier and gives him a brief prayer . . then, with the tears streaming down his face Yu rushes off and gets airborne battling to reach his father but to enemies approach him from off the cusp to the left, with no hesitation sensed, Yu slays them down. With immense speed Yu ends up at the tower of the "Trost Wall" his tears steaming all of a sudden. Yu latches the hooks into his fathers Titan face and swings around the back of the neck ignoring the racing steam all around him while his skin peels and burns away he doesn't sweat nor bleed, no the skin reveals underneath, a coat glossed and shiny, Yu raises his blades and swings down with all his might shattering the blades wholesomely on the armored neck, the force it so strong he is nearly knocked off the titans back and yet the titan slightly turns its head looking at his son with an eye of complete hate, but what Yu regrets to find in the giants mouth are his only and very last loved ones . . his dear mother (Who has a look of sheer fear and immense pain on her face with a body drenched with blood) and kindhearted little sister (who has all since passed from this world with her eyes in dead shock, and panicked tears of red fear). Yu's body seems to mimic the acts of super hot steam as it rises and clouds the vision of the titan and expands to the sky and closely to the ground, soon after a loud roar is heard with and explosion-like tremor that levels a small city block, then one more that is way powerful than the first, then another that makes the first seem as if some child dropped his stone, these force waves knock away the steam exposing all to the gruesome sight of a seemingly 7 foot armored steaming titan beating the bloody shit out of a semi-colossal titan. The hits last five more blows when the the steaming titan is ambushed by the regiments elite squads' while it gives not one regard to them as their blades bounce off of it's tough exterior while it puts up a taxing battle the steam emitting increases until the armor growing around its body encases itself and cracks exploding broiled guys and steams everywhere, destroying majority of the town and leaving Yu plastered to a wall .025 miles away. Yu's body was retrieved and pronounced dead 2 hours after the body needed to cool down, but before he was looked over by a medic he shot to life stunned and feared by the people, slowly over time gaining their trust and moving through the ranks with hard work lose, victory, sorrow, and solitude by still being watched over carefully*
- Traditional Uniform (With a few modifications)
Personality: Cynical, and has trust issues that he uses to lash out on people. Kyo is pretty straight forward and generous to those he trusts, he is obedient but also defiant at times and rarely outgoing. Kyo can also be very “One-lineded” in the fact he will verbally shut you down with quick wit if he feels the need to. Kyo also can be the most heartless being you ever met if he feels his comrades are threatened of his friends are too, as well as the family that took him in. Kyo never rushes into anything but when he does he always has plans and tricks up his sleeve even when it looks as if he’s going to die.

Carpe Diem Tuus Optimus, lacriman Non Age Qoud
"Igitur Cras Sumus Semper Fidelis" Sumus (Destiny) Clan

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Shingeki No Kyojin Railotsu-koguratsu IWiQHhu

Stop trying to dig through the stone wall of Reality, with the plastic spoon of ignorant wishful thinking, give in to the inevitable and allow me to be your
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Shingeki No Kyojin Railotsu-koguratsu
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