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PostSubject: Blissfully tainted Awakening   Blissfully tainted Awakening EmptyMon Jul 07, 2014 11:20 pm

*It's a late night under the moon, scattered by the white petals that bloom from the nearby villages in this time of the year. The smell or incense is strong, even for the distance the petals are coming from. Knowing something is fishy, Satori himself can feel a presence . .no . . multiple presences, shinobi presences. The wind continues to blow, and even that is littered with the obviously subtle signs of chakra, suppressed but noticeable. Carefully and ever so thoroughly underlying his skills and trying to not underestimate his opponents prowess too quickly, Satori throws up the hood of his 'Akatsuki' cloak and proceeds to walk on as if nothing is happening. The presences are getting closer, closing the gap in various striking distance needed for impending attacks whether it be Gen'jutsu , Tai'jutsu, and infamously known for ambuses of seeming caliber Nin'jutsu, Satori decides to activate his sharingan and raises his chakra nature affinity of lightning to create a weather fluctuation causing a storm to brew, not long after it rains, giving Satori's pre-assumed hood propping useful cause so that the enemy is at ease and unaware of his discovery of them.*
"How revolting, they're going to attack so profusely at an obviously feared criminal, an Akatsuki member . . I have no intention of dying hear. I'll deal with them accordingly" *Satori preps 'Raikotsukoguratsu' for a foul tactical affliction as he walks Satori uses his sharingan to map his surroundings making sure there are no traps and hidden enemies along the path. Satori then transcends his sharingan to Mangekyo mode, mapping his enemies charka and setting the visual trapping skill he found inside the ruined catacombs of the uchiha that only elite members cn scout for and read with the higher leveled sharingan, that of the legendary Mangekyo eye. Satori finally makes his move against his foes, seeing no need to wait any longer.*
"I know you're there . ." *Satori vanishes. The shinobi tailing him stop in the trees looking for a trace of him but in vain, their target is nowhere to be found.*
"Feeble minded fools how dare you take me lightly. " *The fist *2* shinobi cell forces, that Satori directs his seemingly 'full' attention towards, exits Kamui onto a branch behind them*
"A foolish flaw . . punishable . .by death. . ." *The shinobi are wearing the 'Allied shinobi forces' headband and near matching uniforms so Satori see's it's useless to pin-point what there origin villages are. The shinobi are overcome by shock and fear . . not that they've been so carefree about securing their hind quarters but that there he stands .. a member of the infamous 'Akatsuki'. Peering from the darkness from under his hooded cloak.. these demonic red eyes peer deep into the shinobi's eyes clawing at their weakness in sanity, trying to get a grip and attack, but it's way too late, the shinobi on the far left, with the skin of light beautiful cedar wood, a light sandy skin color mix, with almost shining hazel eyes and blond/silver hair, obviously the same as Satori, in a way, regains the fire in his eyes and grabs for his back blade, it is safe to assume for Satori, this Nin' is a fellow proud Nin' of their home . . the hidden cloud village. Satori focuses his deadly Mangekyo eyes at his enemy making him tremble in fear and bite his lip so hard they start to bleed, while the other shinobi grabs a kunai and aims it at Satori launching it at a high velocity, the kunai reaches near centimeters of Satori's right eye, but, Satori counters the presumed cud-eta. With near godly precision Satori's right eyed Mangekyo spins rapidly in high speed almost independently of the left eye, spinning counter-clockwise making the kunai stop slowly and vibrate in high very high speeds trapping it in some slightly silver like barrier with a sound pitch so high it makes the *2* shinobi's eyes, ears and nose bleed slightly. The kunai, inside this 'Vacuum'-like space chamber ceases to vibrate, not noticing, Satori is up the the main part of the tree looking down onto his unsuspecting prey with his red eyes. A white-grey light shines from the kunai and dims to a degree so that this feat can be spectated and awed towards, the nearly visible entrapment device used to keep the kunai suspended in mid air illuminates a thin white light glow in contrast to the negative light that oozes onto the reality around them, birds flying and chirping, the shinobi's grunts and heavy breathing, and even the rustling of the trees in the wind are put to an abrupt halt in a diameter about the size of a 4 story dojo, the kunai remains its same shape and color though it seems to crack and fragments break off as a grey light pushes through, the fragments that seem to touch this light waver and fade away within an instant (depending on the size the light can cover and how dense the object is to prevent the lights penetration and the mass that governs the speed in which the object can be light-digested), the kunai's color drains into the crack where the breach of light exits phasing the kunai more and more until it's a grey form of what it used to be, the cracks emerge all to quickly shattering the object from the inside phasing from reality the solid figure into oblivion. What is left it the barrier that kept the object in place which seems to restrict the light rays into the light back into the center point of origin, the light seems to phase itself away . . The barrier's light slowly flashes as the inside light contrasts in a violent matter.*
"Oh . .well this is interesting . .can I be losing control?" *Satori feels his control and understanding of this jutsu slipping ever so slightly*
"Dammit. . it's still defective of my total whim . .oh well at least it'll kill the enemy" *Satori feels the area around his fading, as Satori looks down he sees that the tree is fading in color, and that finding that that color is trailing into that barrier, or whats left of it.*
"How's this for an appeal of unrefined jutsu? I'm proud to witness-" *Satori falls through the non-existent tree branch that was once there, free falling Satori see the colors f the frightened faces on the paralysis state shinobi, watching the color being stripped from them, Satori directs his attention to a bird trapped partially inside this jutsu no existence no kamui. The birds wing is halfway stuck inside the circumference limit of this justu, it struggles to get free but it can't, slowly Satori see's the color dripping from it's wing and flowing towards the jutsu's focal point, the barrier, the bird screeches are blood curdling, able to send any fearless shinobi back to his mothers arms in fear, but in no use . . the birds colors are ripped from its corpse even in it's fighting moments, the white-grey chalky brick leftover is washed away by the air. The free falling continues, the color has been stripped from the cast area of the jutsu. Satori lands on the ground inside the huge crater and the barrier'slight is completely gone ans the negative light seemingly erased the physical objects that were once there to begin with and the negative light itself wears away leaving a dull grey light.*
*Walking up the step round crater*
" *hmph* I think this went rather well-" *The barrier breaks open and shoots beams of black and white lights that seem to consume the grey light like dry erase marker residue, Satori doges the beams but is almost sucked into the white space but he hangs onto the edge . . in the distance Satori hears a distant voice calling his name . .*

*Unknown female voice*: "Sasu! Sasu!, are you coming or what?! I'm not going to be waiting here all day you know? Aye Sasu what're you doing up there anyway? *Satori quickly remembers that voice and all too quickly the emotions over run him, too much pain and joy do a great battle in his heart and relay their attacks upon his mind. Satori looks back and reaches his hand out in great emergency.*
"Haruko! Grab onto m-!" *The space is Satori's home, and there . .there stands his lover, Uzumaki Haruko, with her beautiful green eyes or jade. Satori is stunned at what's going on, but like as if he's waking up his senses dull and return slowly . . and oddly different. He voices to speak but he feels a presence over him that causes him to hesitate, then it leaves as quickly as it comes*
"Haruko .. how-" *Satori is interrupted by the sudden overpowering smell of the of okonomiyaki, his favorite dish, Satori has had it everyday this weak, trying to fix the roof top that yesterdays storm had created. What a shame, Satori just got paid by his job now he has to go into town and look high and low for a specialist*
"asu-kun!, I said come down here, that roof can wait a while, me and your kids would really like your company, you've bee up there for hours now . . *Haruko laughs* I think it's time for you to relax a while, don't you agree Sasu-kun? my husband." *Satori stares at Haruko, then down at the wooden floor and he notices he's standing on a ladder, plain in sight but he can't see what exactly the type of ladder it is. . but . .Satori dismisses it. Satori's kids run into the room laughing and so full of sheer joy, Satori peers at his wife and in seemingly a trance like slow motion way she mouths the words "Let go of them" and almost immediately he loosens his grip . . though . . it makes Satori feel uneasy, the same uneasy feeling as the force that made him hesitate . .something he NEVER does .. something oddly Satori was never told he could EVER allow to happen again. Satori regains his grip . .and just as expected . . . the reality he sees in front of him momentarily distorts then reforms. A feeling of black light hits Satori and peers into the opening in space he is dangling inside of. Satori feels the oppressive forces being washed away and he regains his grip on reality, Satori sees what's going on, the reality starts to fade.*
"I'm never had the chance to make you my wife Haruko .. nor the honor of giving my life to save yours . ." *Satori's sharingan roars to livelihood once again, not ever once noticing it disappear*
"But I won't fail this time! I promise!" *Staring at the children*
"Is this what you've imagined *Satori bows his head smiling and then sobs silently then aims his glare at Haruko and the two children who cling to their crying mother, scared. Satori wipes his tears and smiles giving them a thumbs up seeing their faces glow with a positive expression f gratitude, Satori turns to the opening and grabs onto the opening with his other hand and pulls up but the conflicting lights break away at each other, slipping swiftly Satori thinks abut the renowned vowels he swore and starts to let go .. *
*Haruko*: "Don't you dare let go dammit! Or I swear I'll pummel you for lying to me!" *Liveliness pumps throughout his body, Satori reaches for the edge and hoists himself up and onto the solid ground*
*Satori looks at the space around him and sees that their's nothing but cracks in space inside the structure of this encampment-like jutsu. The barriers broken shell falls apart and the color and surroundings blend in once again, the uppermost portion of the tree is no longer left in free fall, gravity begins to come back into play driving the massive trunk straight down leaving satori using his newly adept ability of trans-territorial Kamui to good use moving away from the wreckage onto another tree in the near distance.
"Screw the allied shinobi bastrds . .that peace through peace is historical Senju bullcrap. It's relatively elementary to promote peace when you're the firkkin' god of shinobi like they say you are .. " *The sharingan's re color glows a bright crimson, the hatred trembling inside and throughout Satori's body produces an ill aura to be easily noticed by even a C+ level sensory shinobi. Satori digs his fingers into the bark of the tree arcing his heated chrakra through the hid of the tree trunk, in a fluid and monstrous motion of enclosing his hand to a fist the tree trunk obliterates falling into the grounds below sending the forest animals into a scurry and the silence that follow the first explosion of sound from the first tree into a shameful comparison of the two noises.*
"This world will fall .. I'll make sure of it!"

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