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 Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra

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Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra   Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra EmptyMon Jul 07, 2014 4:43 pm

Name: Cleo Lissandra

Title(s): Ice Queen

Age: 12

Origin World/Anime: None

Family: Mother, Father, Brother - deceased. Caretaker - who she classes as family.

Gender: Female

Residence: A small castle in the mountains, surrounded by a small village.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Cleo is often shown to have a playful personality, always wanting to show that she could be happy and fun to be around, especially to her caretaker who she cares about more than anything. In most cases, she often goes to play with other kids her age in order to have fun and be the kind caring person that she believes herself to be. However, when things show to be a bit difficult and people are getting hurt, her entire personality shifts into that of a Malicious maniac, with the only thing on her mind is to beat the person that did harm to her friends or those she cares about greatly.

Appearance: Cleo has a small and thin body, giving people the illusion that she is a fragile girl that needs protection or is simply helpless, which she can use to her advantage. Her hair is light blue in color, with it being styled in a bobcut fashion. She has strands of hair covering her forehead, with the middle one begin the biggest of them all. Cleo only wears dresses. The dresses are usually made up of cool colors, such as light blue. Cleo chooses never to wear shoes as they uncomfortable for her feet, so she covers her feet in ice instead.



Pets: Etro - Smaller version of the Ice Dragon

Quotes by Character: "I'm Cuteness in the form of a Destroyer"

Theme song: Mirror Mirror:

History: Cleo was born into an extremely wealthy family. She had a loving father, a caring mother and an amazing brother. However at the age of 6, Cleo was kidnapped by scientists, who had been told that their experiment would not allow to continue and therefore were allowed no test subjects. These scientists implanted an Ice shard that fell from space into her heart. That Ice shard immediately turned her blood and heart into Ice, granting her strange abilities. At first the abilities were out of control and Cleo unconsciously killed the scientists as well as turning their huge underground laboratory in pure Ice. When Cleo awoke, she ran all the way home, her shoes torn from running, her feet bleeding and sore. She finally arrived home with her family joyous of her return. After Cleo had told the story of what happened to her family, they were shocked and relieved that Cleo was alive. As Cleo grew, so did her powers. Her skin changed and began to sparkle when exposed to light, like an aurora. She could turn things into Ice and Ice into things. She eventually grew to hate shoes and so covered her feet in Ice, which not only protected them but made her faster and able to slide when she chose to. However Cleo's power grew to great and she was unable to control it. One night she accidentally killed her parents and brother, unknowingly, when asleep. The family caretaker, Edward his name was, told her that her family were killed by bandits, seeking to find some loot, but they're gone now. The caretaker became the legal guardian of Cleo and began to take care of her during the next few years. Now Cleo plays with children her age down at the village below the castle. A lot of the kids are going on adventures to new lands to see new places. Cleo also wanted to do this and Edward without a second thought, agreed, simply because Cleo could handle herself. Now Cleo walks the path of adventure, who knows where she'll end up.

Any credit: My girlfriend Adele, for making pretty much all of it.


Atk- 15
Def- 30
MA- 30
MR- 30
Spe- 30
Per- 15
Origin Bonuses- None

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Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra   Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra EmptyMon Jul 07, 2014 5:07 pm

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Character Sheet: Cleo Lissandra
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