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 Yukaitsu Hyuuga

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セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

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PostSubject: Yukaitsu Hyuuga   Yukaitsu Hyuuga EmptySun Jul 06, 2014 1:38 pm


Hyuuga, Yukaitsu


“Silver Rai-Mei Owl”


May 18 (Leap Year)






Team 3; Kaikei Maratsu (Sensei)


Medi-Nin, Sensory (Support Stabilizer)



Blood type:




Blood-Line Limit:


Chakra Nature:

Lightning, Wind, Darness "Unfathomable Depths"

Chakra Control:

Lightning, Gale, Darkness.

Custom justu:

Hyuuga Art: Flying Raikiri Gentle Fists

Hyuuga Art: Feather Reoccurring Palm Rotation "Black White Wave"

Jutsu Rank:


Dark rising, link severer


Shadow Clone
Depth's of regret transformation


Perpetual darkness linker

Pleasant Breeze: Ill Aired Arc Palms

Rei-Driver palm dance


Arc Owl Stun: Pale Feather’s Sublime Catastrophe

Sinful Seigekai: Silver Gale Palm Rotation


Enraged Curse Palm’s’: Blissless Fist Brigade

Cursed Pulse Rotating Palms

Zero's Limit; "Show Me The Darkness In Your Heart"


5) Demon Wind Shuriken

5) Shuriken

5) Poison Seal Tag

5) Chakra Seal Tag

5) Suppress Seal Tag

6) Chakra Recovery Pill

3) Food Pill

Summoning Scroll “Arc Owl Invoking”

History; Special Jonin:

Yu’s family was always the “Behind the scenes” of the prestigious ANBU hidden leaf Shinobi higher-ups, the ones who had the most influential control over the military might and how ninja were to be taught in the times before the (First) “Great Shinobi War”. This mishap of his families decision resulted in the accidental killing of the first and second Hokage as well as the capture of Uchiha Madara. The HYuuga has been in the shadows ever since the family helped create the village, as a result Yu was never really able to leave his families post of “Hidden mediators” this meant that Yu was doomed to never really have a relationship with Normal people as well as other shinobi. At a young age Yu was put into vigorous training by his family hoping for the day the “Hyuuga” family to regain their shining glory over the Uchiha and Uzumaki and take his village to newer heights, taking over neighboring nations’. Yu’s family was responsible for the wellbeing of the nations’ military might and more so the wellbeing and protection of the ANBU’, this immense stress on Yu being the oldest in his generation caused his to reject his family and run off in search for something better. Yu, after wondering around alone for so long as to two and a half years was recovered by a group of shinobi under the influence of the renowned. Around the age of 13-15 Yu was trained under in the intense ranks of Chunin level while the other inhabitants of the public training in the genin level While containing the "Zero Tails" within him. Yu was allowed to enter but he was given a handy cap of no chakra control of any kind just substitution and taijutsu (without my summonings’). Yu even with the handicap transcended Neji’s reputation and annihilated half of the genin, chunin and 2% of the jonin class. Being at the land of fire for the three month duration the seals that I kept in the village to keep the hokage safe remained untouched. Weeks after my return to the leaf village Yu was caught in a personal war with him and his remaining family members in his generation questioning his loyalty to his families creed, Yu was later found guilty and sentenced to a three month reprieve from the family duties and omitted from the village to the village hidden in the clouds. There in the village Yu was introduced to a style of the “Gale” which Yu was able to incorporate into the Hyuuga style Tai-jutsu. Yu had a hard time gaining the trust of the cloud shinobi and its people, but on the last week the mist village attempted a surprise attack on the cloud which the cloud had no regretted letting me gain their trust. To prove his innocence to the cloud that Yu had not led the surprise attack on their village I had to incapacitate my fellow ninja and annihilate them on spot, which Yu was about to faithfully do without emotion but the Raikage stopped Yu in the first part of my jutsu who had seen my resolve to keep my merit clean and granted my leave along with the ninja who were left alive to return to the village. Upon his return Yu was awed to see that we had reverted back Yu is often pulled out of tough situations by the ones he tries desperately to protect thus knowing that he is just limited to what he can protect. Yu doesn’t care whether he gets injured while protecting what’s important as long as it’s not in vain. The village has been stabilized on the strength of the monthly Kage meetings they seem to have no conflict except the usual bickering and rogue nin/ missing nin/ defective nin in the village but thx to my cell of shinobi assassin trained operatives are steadily keeping Konohagakure safe and out of harm’s way. The new established “ANBU Black-ops” has had its most unruly establishment in the hidden villages.


Yu stands 5’11 and is around 135 pounds. Yu has silver bangs with dark brown-ish black hair, Yu who wears a hair-cap on his head. Yu also wears a dark-blue camouflaged shit with sleeve’s that stop at mid-forearm with drastically widened arm collars able to slip in a small kick ball with dark-blue arm warmers stripped with black lines which the arm warmers that are also padded fingerless gloves with silver plates on the backhand. Yu also wears a hooded robe that stops a little past the waist, almost at the pockets. Yu has black pants that are striped with silver and white clouds with the Konohagakure symbol in the middle of each cloud visible to see 2 meters away. The pants stop at the mid-shin and from a little over the knee down fastening onto the sandals by straps and buttons. Yu barely wears his mask. Yu has a curse mark over the left side of his chest. Yu has a large strap on his chest as a way to carry his back pack of items. and the "Noh Mask kanji on his forehead so that the Zero tails can instantly save Yu or activate on free will controlling people through their desires and hatred or any negative feelings.


Yu is pretty straight forward and generous, he is obedient put also defiant at times and rarely outgoing. Yu can also be very “One-lineded” in the fact he will verbally shut you down with quick wit if he feels the need to. Yu also can be the most heartless being you ever met if he feels his comrades are threatened of his friends are too, as well as the village. Yu never rushes into anything but when he does he always has plans and tricks up his sleeve even when it looks as if he’s going to die, and his comrades bail him out of trouble after plans fall into place when Yu has cornered the enemy to let his comrades escape even on his dying breath. Yu is very distand but secretly and quietly feels connected to a very few amount of shinobi, whiles others his love doesn’t go that far until he gets to know the real persons colors of their heart. Yu uses the zero tails for medical and nin-tai advantages like phasing through objects or inducing coma's or injuries, ect.

Ability/Gekkei Genkai:

Along with the Hyuuga fighting style Yu is a medical ninja able to use an art form of “Medi-Nin Palms” to further extend damage to the recipient of the Hyuuga fighting styles by severing nerve endings or stunning the, creating muscle spasms and locks of joins. Yu’s Curse mark is more of a contract agreement where he has the ability to manipulate air pressure and density such as clouds of the sky, along with this those extraordinary feats Yu has silver colored wings with gold feathers on his back that with his curse mark can shed these feathers and control them using chakra as well as stream chakra through them.


Yu was born without the normal ability to see the world as most people see I, instead everything has an aura;

People: Light neon blue aura and their feelings range from a light purple to a dark purple. But even so jinchuriki has a strong Crimson aura

Animals/Insects: Shinobi partners are the same as their owner but they and nondomestic animals/insects have only a light green mist that ranges on a spectrum due to how they feel because animals have no real conscience, just instinct so it is easy to anger them.

Items; White-ish unless streamed with chakra.

The Beast Within: The Zero-Tails (零尾, Reibi)

Like Kurama, the Zero-Tails has the ability to sense negative emotions, to which it uses to seek out and possess anyone who is emotionally unstable. Soon afterwards, it begins to feed upon the darkness within one's heart and allows the spirit to create dark chakra (闇のチャクラ, yami no chakra). The dark chakra produced by the Zero-Tails grants its host a great source of power, giving them access to high-level techniques without even using hand seals while negating any potential drawbacks those techniques may otherwise bring, as well as powering up the entire floating fortress. It appears to have the ability to read the hearts of others, seeing into and controlling people through their negative aura and emotions. The Zero-Tails and its wielder is also able to instantly reattach itself whenever it lost a part of its body, even its head. The tailed beasts can communicate with each other but the zero tails is able to mimic the unison of tailed beasts and jinchuriki, as well as the mutation of the pair. The Reibei can, if their is enough hate in the heart of the target(s) control or distort the targets mentality or copy some justsu's able to be copied. But not most.

Carpe Diem Tuus Optimus, lacriman Non Age Qoud
"Igitur Cras Sumus Semper Fidelis" Sumus (Destiny) Clan

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Yukaitsu Hyuuga IWiQHhu

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