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 The Silent Puppet Pandemic; Kyoshite Ruamari

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The Silent Puppet Pandemic; Kyoshite Ruamari Empty
PostSubject: The Silent Puppet Pandemic; Kyoshite Ruamari   The Silent Puppet Pandemic; Kyoshite Ruamari EmptySat Jul 05, 2014 8:47 pm

Name: Kyoshite Ruamari
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Village: Sunagakure.
Hair: Green
Eye's: Wears Dark glasses but they are Blue in the left eye and white in the right
Height 5'11
Weight 135 lbs
Country: Desert Country
Rank: Now* Member of the Akatsuki Organization
EX* ANBU Black-Ops. Captain of the Surprise/Diversion Division. Medical Ninja.
Family: Ruamari-Tengengami
Alias/Nickname: “The Silent Puppet Pandemic”
Item’s: All kept in his medium sized satchel lurched on his back is:
2) Demon Wind Shuriken
90) Shuriken
1000) Empty Scrolls
10) Poison Seal Tag
4) Chakra Seal Tag
200) Suppress Soul Seal Tag
2) Summoning Scroll “ill willed Doll’s”
Sexuality: Sapiosexual
Personality: Kyo is pretty straight forward and generous, he is obedient put also defiant at times and rarely outgoing. Kyo can also be very “One-lined” in the fact he will verbally shut you down with quick wit if he feels the need to. Kyo also can be the most heartless being you ever met if he feels his comrades are threatened of his friends are too, as well as the village. Kyo never rushes into anything but when he does he always has plans and tricks up his sleeve even when it looks as if he’s going to die, and his comrades bail him out of trouble after plans fall into place when Kyo has cornered the enemy to let his comrades escape even on his dying breath. Kyo is very distant but secretly and quietly feels connected to a very few amount of shinobi, whiles others his love doesn’t go that far until he gets to know the real persons colors of their heart. Kyo uses the zero tails for medical and nin-tai advantages like phasing through objects or inducing coma's or injuries, ect.
Puppet’s: Handed down by Kankurou of the 3 sand sibling’s is Crow, Black-Ant, Sasori, and Salamander, these puppet’s have served the sand well but sadly deterred and fallen subject to old age except the puppet Sasori. Ironically Kyo’s own puppet creations and a has respectfully continued the lost art of Human Puppetry as his senpai, Sasori, showed him. Hind-Kind, and Pain Killer Are a bit like those of the traditional puppets but way more versatile, the Human puppet skill has somewhat evolved through Kyo’s research and experimentations.
#1) Hind-Kind
77 lbs
High Casualty/Chimera Puppet (Able to absorb the target’s chakra and or the entire target, but only up to two at a time. This puppet has a goop that Kyo’s chimera ability, the technique uses the same preferences as sasori’s human puppet technique but less mess and more formidable in a fight due to the speed infused by the Rebi and Kyo’s link)
Technologies: Multiple compartments that use the seal soul tags, Hind-Kind can and will if able to, Absorb the enemies on sight and completely become the enemy as a human puppet but absence of its conscience more like a dead soul.
#2) C.O.R.P.S.E-Chamber
107 lbs
Base Raider puppet (Wooden puppet with the same uses as Konkurou’s Black-Ant in cooperation tech that allows this certain puppet to become the chamber for containment and quick kills as emulations like the “Iron Maiden” killing technique.)
Internal Items are:
Electric Seal tags, Neuro-Toxin’s, Mio-Toxins, Teleportation seals
#3) Pain Killer
77 lbs
Offensive Model 7 Burei: Uses 4 scythe like hooks on all six of its arms that circulate and puree the object it can latch onto into separate pieces of itself. Pain Killer, like Crow, can dismember itself and reattach itself
#4) Nidaime Mizukage “Second Water Shadow”
Water/Haze Clone
Mist Imp
Summoning Diversion Clam
Smoldering Corrosive Mist
#5) Sasori “Scorpion Of The Red Sand”
Secret Red Move: Performance Of A Hundred Puppets
Iron Sand: Showers
Iron Sand: Unleash
Searing Migraine
Poison Haze: Mist Senbon
6) Sandaime Kazekage “Third Wind Shadow”
Iron Sand: Imprisoning Wall
Iron Sand: Scattered Showers
Iron Sand: Stagnation Field


Dark Release: Judgment
Dark Release: Inhaling Maw
Chimera Tech: Onmi-Edible (Using the puppet maiden technique, “Corpse Chamber” traps the enemy inside of itself sedating it with nerve gases while “Hind Kind” seeps into Corpse Chamber” absorbing the enemy.)
Chikamatsu’s Ten Puppet Collection Technique
Sealing of the Iron Maiden Technique
Severe Scroll Summoning Technique: Human Puppet Reanimation
Shadow Clone Technique
Zero’s Limit: “Show Me The Darkness In Your Heart” (Reibi’s eyes are one with Kyo where Kyo can induce a glare that renders the enemy unable to sense reality ultimately trapping them into a Limbo like state of mind ~Stage 1~, or, further trapping them into limbo but absorbing the soul and chakra energy out the enemy sealing their soul into the reibi’s dreamland province while Kyo has the bases of another human puppet.)

Growing up in the turmoil of the sand village Kyoshite was surrounded by grim feelings, seeing his comrades and friends go off to war at a young age and never coming back seemed to never get his attention of how the real world is when war is imminent to everyone. When Kyoshite’s parents were drafted in to the war without him knowing he was lost for several weeks until he had heard the news of his parents being K.I.A. At the age of 7 Kyoshite’s already broken world shattered. Not long after Kyoshite started learning about medicine and teaching himself ways to “bring things back to him” which was his greatest terminology for “Reanimating” objects for his usage. Kyo’s grandmother was the first to fall subject to his impending physiological demise and inner destruction practicing for 7 straight months Kyo finally constructed his first puppet….a human morsel named “Tatui” a Chunin from the leaf village and a brief “friend”, though so loosely a term used by Kyo for never really having any use for feelings converted this boy’s body into a human puppet. Kyo confronted his grandmother “Kokuri” (a middle aged women who was a sand shinobi medical general of the second great shinobi war, her husband died saving the life of the now dead “Sandaime Kazekage”) who has known all along of this boys hurt and ever so black heart and was prepared to stop the pending and ever so dangerous potential this lost soul has. The fight was a fierce one yes but in the end Kokuri had narrowly escaped with her life, experiencing the darkness in her grandson’s heart and first hand seeing the spirit of the “Rebi” at one with her grandson’s now nonexistent soul she fled poisoned and weary of her choice to flee but knowing that she alone was able to stop him. Years go past after that fateful day Kyo is now 13 and done a full diagnoses on himself stumbling upon the twin spirit within himself making a pact with this spirit and allowing each other to become one with no strings attached sealing themselves inside a single nearly immortal body. More years go by as Kyo turns to his early teenage years of 15, Having been in the ranks of ANBU graduating the academy and meeting the Kazekage four times upon his commemoration of achievements’ and attempting to kill the kazekage on the last and final meeting, Kyo goes onto leaving the village after being face to face confronted by the villages ANBU ranks and almost all the ninja in Sunagakure were initiated to kill him no matter the cost. Kyo did extensive damages to the village and irreparable casualties to the shinobi staff that he was referred to as the most deadly shinobi ever to leave the Sunagakure village. More time passed as kyo was introduced into the ranks of the Akatsuki under “Sasori Akusano” secretly indescribed to the other members, the only one to know about what was going on was Itachi Uchiha, who later warned Kyo of the dangers conspiring with the Akatsuki without anyone knowing and finding out the later would prove horrible outcomes, so, kyo decided to lay low until things were at a stand-still and almost all the members were dead. After witnessing the power of Nagato Uzamaki and seeing the death fall upon him Kyo then tried to retrieve the body of the sage but was confronted by konan who drawn out the full talents of kyo and defeated him narrowly. Now that all the members are dead Kyo decides to found a new organization like the akatsuki before him after completing personal tasks the Hajouka Organization will rise.

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The Silent Puppet Pandemic; Kyoshite Ruamari
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