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 The Seventh Mist Shadow; Yu Lei

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セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

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PostSubject: The Seventh Mist Shadow; Yu Lei   Sat Jul 05, 2014 8:43 pm

Name: Hozuki K. Yushikaru (Kyo)

Birthday: 5/18

Age: 17

Village: Kirigakure no Sato

Country: Mizu no Kuni

Rank: N/Defeccted Nin. Jinchuriki

Position: Sanbi Jinchuuriki (Sanbi no Kame (Turtle)

Gender: Male

Blood type: (Actual) O-

Affilation: Seven Ninja Swordsman Of The Mist Village

Kekki Genkai: Ice, Currosion, Sanbi

Nature Type: Suiton, Katon, Fuuton

Justu: (I only named some)
Haze Mist Village
Water Prison
Grand Fire ball
Ice Mirror
Water Clone
Tidal Break Shark Bomb
Water Condensing Technique
Cornstarch Capture Field

Shimahada (Sharks Skin)
Kubokiribucho (Throat Cleaver)
Hiramekarei (Dual Demise)
300 Needles
10 Kunai
10 Shuriken

Bio/Abilities Of Kyo and Sanbi:
The Tail Releases

Jinchuuriki-Form: (15% Chakra Release)
This form grants Kyo some measure of Sanbi's chakra. This form typically emerges when he becomes enraged or fatigued. In this form he is surrounded by the Sanbi's chakra and is able to move more quickly, uses more chakra draining jutsus.

In this form, he can be very frightening. The teal blue chakra flows around him and his eyes gain the ability to cast a frightful glare toward any opponent which can paralyze normal person with fear. Even though he does go through a few changes in this form, for the most part, he remains his normal stature and can use his normal jutsus. This amount of chakra is released mostly to give him enough energy to keep fighting in a battle when he is running low on energy. He looks mostly like his normal self surrounded by a visible teal blue chakra.

One-Tail Form: (25% Chakra Release)
In this form, Sanbi no Kame grants Kyo even more power, causing the teal chakra surrounding kyo to boil and bubble before it solidifies around parts of his body. In this form, it becomes visible that the Sanbi is part of him, as he bears uncanny resemblance to the demon. Although Kyo remains the same size, a miniature version of the demon’s shell forms on his back. Due to the weight, he is forced on all fours. In addition to the shell, he also gains a tail. Kyo is able to move it and extend the tail to strike offensively, or to hold it in front of him to use it defensively. In this state the shell acts as an impenetrable defense against incoming attacks as it serves as a type of armor coat over his back. Other than the shell on her back and the tail, he looks pretty much the same.

Two-Tail Form: (45% Chakra Release)
In the second tail form does not go through any change in size, however, he begins to resemble the Sanbi much more. Her eyes turn red with yellow pupils, as are the Sanbi’s, and his skin takes the same greenish-blue color. In this form in addition to the tail and the shell he already has, he gains a couple more of the Sanbi’s attributes… As he stands on all fours, his legs become plated with the Sanbi’s spiky greenish-blue shell like structures. He also gains an extra tail.

In this form, speed is not his best attribute, however, his defense is much higher than it was in any of the previous forms. Getting through the shell on his back or the plates on his legs is near impossible… Although he does have a few places on his body that still remain vulnerable, such as his face, and his chest and stomach which are not covered by a shell… Also, in this form, his raw power is much higher than it has been previously. Like the previous Mizukage, Kyo is able to not only change his form to mostly oily/plainly chakra based water but using the mist or corrosion techniques to vanish of smite enemies on a medium scale.

Three-Tail Form: (60% Chakra Release)
In the third form, Kyo does not change as much as he did in the transitions between his earlier forms. In addition to gaining the final tail, half of Kyo’s face (the left half) will become an exact replica of the Sanbi’s face, while the other half looks the same as Kyo’s normal face.

Although he does not go through many physical changes, her amount of chakra changes drastically. In this form, his manipulation of water is much greater than it has ever been. he has the ability to effortlessly control large bodies of water, with the ability to create whirlpools, and make tidal waves. He also gains the ability to shoot large jets of water from his mouth. Although he remains unable to move quickly on land, in the water, he is able to move at unbelievable speeds.
Kyo can drastically morph the physical properties of the water with his combined chakra with the sanbi's own chakra making the water as dense as the sanbis on shell or maybe greater, Kyo named this ability "Aquatic Iron" and able to manipulate moisture effortlessly no matter the distance (to a drastical but not impossible degree) Moisture can also be changed to an oily texture for quick attacks and defense such as corrosion techniques and mist haze to kill a large amount of enemies at a time.

Full Release (Jinchuuriki-Controled): (85% Chakra Release)
In the Full release form, Kyo grows to the exact same size as the normal Sanbi, taking on its form and abilities completely… However, in this form, Kyo is in control of the demon. Although, in this form, he is not utilizing all of its chakra, as a massive amount (15%) of his chakra must go into repressing the demon and stopping it from taking control.

Full Release (Bijuu-Controled) (100% Chakra Release)
In this form, the demon is completely released. If a person finds him or herself fighting this form, they are fighting the real demon. One Ai allows herself to slip into this state, she takes the risk of never being able to take control of her own body again, and becoming trapped in her own seal. After three hours of the demon being in control, Kyo will be locked in the seal, where he will most likely never be able to return. The only way for him to gain control of the demon once again is if either the demon loses a fight (become unconscious) before the timelimit has expired, or Ai overpowers the demon with power of mind (although he is currently able to do that), with his spirit weakening every passing minute that the demon is in control.

Suiton Precision:

This ability most simply allows her to control water with precision and an advanced level of control. He is able to gather water from the environment around him much more efficiently than many others... And although it is not a kekkei genkai, it is something that cannot be learned... It is a natural talent due to the bijuu, and it is a rarity to have such a strong connection with the water element. The ability to be able to feel the water in the surrounding environment and to utilize it. This precision is so strong that should she need to, she can utilize water found within non-moving objects, such as trees.

Mizukage's Lineage:

More or so Kyo is a Hozuki member by blood so he is able to not only change his body into mostly liquid but use the oil techniques that the privious Mizukage (Hozuki Mu) has taught him. taking these abilities and refining them to breathing (either a corrosive steam water or oil, or an corrosive artic mist/haze) and becoming these states of water. Unlike flying Kyo can inflate his body to various degrees to allow him to rise like air. At some points through fighting Kyo can tap into points of blood flow in objects to control it to his linking, such as eroding the liquid from the bodies into the surrounding air.

Frozen tundra:

Kyo can and without knowing create freezing points beyond normal living conditions causing him to have a slight advantage being 90% unaffected by the conditions he set or is set like being fully submerged in the deep and having no senses dulled or obstructed being able to breath by breaking down slightly into the sanbi's physical state freezing the oxygen around him in bubbles there for when he needs it. In hand to hand combat with foes Kyo will often reach for his blade Shimahada where the bond becomes lethal for his opponent(s) where the immense chakra feeds shimahada and Shimahada heals and obeys Kyo's every will, this union grants Shimahada to eject a frozen steam from it and further manipulate the temperature from more control over the situation.

Sacred Water:

Another ability of the Sanbi Jinchuuriki, Kyo, is the ability to create a Sacred Water infused with the Sanbi's chakra. Kyo can take any small amount of water and release a bit of the Sanbi's chakra into it by simply touching it and allowing chakra to flow into the water. Once inside of the water, the chakra will make no apparent changes to it's appearence, although someone who has the ability to sense chakra may notice it.

This special water from The Sacred Water allows its consumer to have a large increase in chakra, strength, and stamina for a short period of time. By drinking drops of the water, the consumer of the water can increase their fighting ability drastically. Unfortunately in exchange for this power, the water also eats away at the consumers life as the drinker's body isn't accustomed to handling large amounts of the Sanbi's chakra. After consuming the water, the drinker will excrete a visible teal blue chakra, just as the Sanbi Jinchuuriki's.

.125 Pints - Virtually unlimited chakra for 1 post. After the effects of the water wear off, the consumer will only have a quarter of the chakra that they had when they initially drank the water.

.25 Pints - Virtually unlimited chakra for 2 posts. After the effects of the water wear off the consumer of will be totally drained of their normal chakra.

.5 Pints - Virtually unlimited chakra for 4 posts. After the effects of the water wear off, the consumer will find them self paralyzed and unable to move.

.75 pints - Virtually unlimited chakra for 8 posts. After the effects of the water wear off, the consumer will pass out.

1 Pints - Virtually unlimited chakra for 16 posts. After the effects of the water wear off, the consumer will die.

The water can be drunken consecutively, however when that happens, the consumer must drink the beverage in the same post as the end of the post where the effects of the water are wearing off in order to avoid feeling the effects. Additionally, it builds up, so for example, if someone has consumed .75 pints and the effects are wearing off and they drink the final .25 pints, they will only have 8 more posts with the effects of the water rather than starting over and having 16 posts.

The Shell:
This ability is very similar to the natural ability of large tortoises. As a tortoise grows new skin, it pushes its old skin over its new skin to create a thick layer of protection for potential dangers such as cactus thorns, which it needs to eat on a daily basis. In the Sanbi jinchuriki's case, when the Sanbi senses danger coming toward its container, it will force chakra to secrete from the jinchuriki's pores. This chakra will then solidify, creating a layer of the Sanbi's own skin on top of the jinchuuriki. This layer of skin is incredibly thick and heavy. Therefore, mobility is hindered as a result, although it is heavy, flexibility is not sacrificed.

When secreted, the sanbi's skin is visible as a seafoam green color; however, it can be camoflouged should the jinchuuriki prefer that the enemy not see the extra layer of protection. This layer of the Sanbi's skin makes for a very well-insulated type of protection, defending the user from many taijutsu attacks and a range of ninjutsu. This does not, however, protect the user from chakra blows, or techniques that channel chakra through the jinchuuriki, such as the jyuuken fighting style.

Personality of Bijuu:
One of the first things about the Sanbi that easily distinguishes it from the other Bijuu is it's lack of intelligence. The Sanbi is unable to communicate with humans by speech. It does not understand language and is not capable of thinking at a level high enough to learn to speak as are the other bijuu. Like many other animals, the Sanbi really has only one interest... Food... However to quench its unquenchable appetite, it will act violently. On many occasions, it has been known to sink humongous ships, eatting all of the passengers alongside the sunken ship. For this reason, it has become feared as the Demon of the Sea.

The Sanbi no Kame, compared to most other demons, is much more tractable within it's jinchuuriki. So long as the jinchuuriki feeds the demon with blood, it will not complain too much within the jinchuuriki. However, with their particular seal, Sanbi and Ai feel a strong connection, both, emotionally and physically. Therefore, Ai can also feel the Sanbi's hunger and vice-versa. In exchange for Kyo quenching its hunger, the Sanbi is willing to lend Kyo its power.

Physical Description of Bijuu:
First and foremost, the sanbi, as expected of most bijuu, is incredibly large, towering at around 100 meters tall. As expected, the Sanbi no Kame is a three tailed turtle. It has a shell, three tails, and powerful red eyes. The Sanbi's carapace is a seafoam greenish color, and it's plastron is ridgey and red. One of the most notable aspects of the Sanbi is that its body is incredibly sturdy. Out of all the bijuu, its physical defense may be of the strongest. In addition to its shells diamond-like hardness, its skin is very thick as well. Over its thick skin, when in battle it will secrete an additional layer of chakra to defend itself.

The Sanbi's crimson eyes are an additional feature that can aid it in battle. The intensity of a glare from its eyes can paralyze an average person in their tracks, at which point the Sanbi will, without hesitation, devour its subjects. During battle, the feeling of the chakra that is secreted from the demon alone is enough to strike fear into a rank shinobi; the fear of drawing a breath, making any shallow movement, or even blink. For these attributes, combat with the Sanbi is of a whole different caliber from what most shinobi will ever experience.

1)~Giants among common men are nothing more than mere illusions of themselves.
2)~I hope I can make it in time within my lifetime.
3)~Myth's are the earliest forms of science. It has been said that the myth is a public dream, but I believe dreams are private myth's. Unfortunately we give our mythic side scant attention these day's. And, as a result, a great deal escapes us to where we no longer understand our own action. So it remains important and salutary speak not solely of the rational and easily understood, but also of the enigmatic things; the irrational and non easily understood as well as the ambiguous. So, speak both privately and publicly.
4)~"Even the sky isn't always pretty, so why should I try to want my life to always be pretty?"

Carpe Diem Tuus Optimus, lacriman Non Age Qoud
"Igitur Cras Sumus Semper Fidelis" Sumus (Destiny) Clan

Stop trying to dig through the stone wall of Reality, with the plastic spoon of ignorant wishful thinking, give in to the inevitable and allow me to be your
Safe Haven . . .
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Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

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PostSubject: Re: The Seventh Mist Shadow; Yu Lei   Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:16 pm

I arrive in the village of water wearing a cloak and straw hat covering my eyes, I walk into a bar and sit down at a table and take out a wanted poster "...missing nin...reward 1,000...rewarding enough" I look up and around the bar scanning the faces of the people there.
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セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

セブンスミスト影 Yu Lei

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PostSubject: Re: The Seventh Mist Shadow; Yu Lei   Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:49 pm

(So my character is approved? XD)

Carpe Diem Tuus Optimus, lacriman Non Age Qoud
"Igitur Cras Sumus Semper Fidelis" Sumus (Destiny) Clan

Stop trying to dig through the stone wall of Reality, with the plastic spoon of ignorant wishful thinking, give in to the inevitable and allow me to be your
Safe Haven . . .
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PostSubject: Re: The Seventh Mist Shadow; Yu Lei   

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The Seventh Mist Shadow; Yu Lei
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