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PostSubject: Ace Draven   Ace Draven EmptyWed Jul 02, 2014 5:29 pm

Name: Ace Draven

Title: The Chosen Hero, The Star Keeper

Age: 17

Origin: None

Family: Mother (Julia), Baby Brother (Derek), Father (Drake, abondoned)

Gender: Male

Residence: Mothers secret underground hideout

Alignment: Good

Personality: Serious when need to be, but funny or relaxed when allowed to be.

Appearance: short dark brown hair that sticks up, has a fit mucular image, Wears a black and blue type short sleeved leather jacket with a hood (only wears it when fighting), Has a dark blue mask across his eyes, A hexagon type mark on his shoulder with 3 symmetric lines inside it ( ) when powers are activiated the lines move to the outside of the hexagon one at each point, and turns blue.

Minor Abilities:

Name: Star Activation

Type: Passive

Description: Activates/boosts his other magical/cosmic abilities, increases his MA and MR 15+

Duration: Rest of the battle

Condition: Must be used at start of the battle.

Name: Cosmic Fists/Kicks

Type: Passive

Description: His hands and feets start to glow. Increases MA, Attack, and Speed, by 10

Duration: 5 posts

Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Cosmic Blast

Type: Active, Magic

Description: This is a small blast shot out from the hands, Increases MA by 10.

CoolDown: 2 posts

Condition: Star Activition Must be activated.

Name: Mind Like Space

Type: Passive

Description: WHen enemies look into his mind, they only find a vast amount of space, mental abilities do not affect him.

Condition: Star Activition must be on.

Major Abilites:

Name: Nova Blast

Type: Active Magic

Description: Shoots a large sun like blast (basically a kamehameha) with the force similar to a supernova. Increases MA by 120

Cooldown: 10 turns.

StartUp: 2 tur

Name: Star Figure

Description: A star aura starts to surround you, slightly blinding your enemies. Increases MR and Defense by 45, and decreases your opponents MA and Attack by 20

Duration: 4 posts

Cooldown: 8 posts

Start Up: 1 post

Name: Asteroid Force

Type: Active, MA

Description: A dense like aura surrounds him, give him the force to attack/tackle you with the force of an asteroid. Increases MA by 30 and MR/Speed by 10

Cooldown: 8 posts

Pets: None

Quotes: "I don't use my powers to kill, the only time i'd ever kill is if it was the only was to save someone innocent."

History: Ace's parents were Metahumans, they used thier abilities to work for people either as mercaneries or spys or soldiers. One day they gave birth to a child named Ace, the father tried to take him away to create the ultimate soldier, but the mother hid him. They had split up, and Ace was raised by her master Ransin. The one that taught her how to use her abilities. Ace's abilties came from space and magic. When he was a child his powers were going out of control, so Ransin put a mark on the child, in the shape of a hexagon with 3 symmetric lines going though it, whenever Ace activated his powers, the mark would glow and the lines would split and connect to each point of the hexagon, similar looking to a sun. This enabled Ace to control his abilities. Eventually he moved back in with his mother, since Ransin had died. His mother trained him physically and magically to control his powers, and to fight without them if need be. On one of her missions, Julia (his mother) was kidnapped by Drake (his father) and raped, Ace went searching for his father to get revenge. But eventaully Julia talked him out of it, and then his brother was born. They learned he had powers siumilar to Ace aswell. When he heard of this Drake went after the child, but when he did, the baby had cried, and Ace came to see his father trying to take Derek away from his mother. So Ace had then brutally beaten his father down, warning him that if was to ever return he'd brake his one rule about killing poeople. Afterwards Ace had started to become a vigilante (or so others woul call him). He went out using his abilities to protect others and take in criminals.  Afterwards he was given the Nickname NightEdge or StarKeeper.

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Ace Draven
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