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 Phasen Neonix

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PostSubject: Phasen Neonix   Phasen Neonix EmptySun Jun 29, 2014 3:22 am

Name: Phasen Neonix

Title(s): The Awesome

Age: 16

Origin World/Anime: None

Family (If any): None

Gender: Male

Residence: A tent he can carry around to sleep outside

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Personality: Phasen is always, always random. He would randomly go up to two people having a conversation and say something like, "Did you know bread is called holla in other places?" or "Is the hokey pokey really what it's all about?" He can get so random during a fight that he could become extremely unpredictable. He can be quite cocky at times and is a self-proclaimed main character. He does like pissing off or annoying serious people for a few laughs every now and then. Nevertheless, he is a good person.  He always loves making others laugh by just simply being himself, really random. During his free time, he loves to play games, tinker with technology, or just cooks.

Phasen is not afraid to try new things, and loves experimenting with things. He always does have a knack for finding danger, though, usually bolting into a fight or situation that doesn't seem too good. A lot of the time with meeting new people, he would like to make a very great first impression by either helping them or by amazing them with his vast stupidity. Although, he is actually really smart, diligent, and hard-working. He would get straight A's in all his classes all the time.

But a strong characteristic of his is that he really likes helping those in need, usually giving a hand and tries to help them in anyway possible. Phasen is very generous and likes to give things to other people and usually tells them they don't need to pay him back. He always hopes for a better future, and that hope lets him power through the darkest of times.


Role(s)/Class(es): Assassin, Damage Dealer

Abilities: (Refer to

Minor Abilities (Passive): Please be very descriptive with each
1. Yah man - Phasen gains 20% of his attack and loses 20% magic during even posts rounded up
2. Nah man - Phasen gains 20% of his magic during odd posts and loses 20% attack during odd posts rounded up
3. Thermonuclear Burritos - Eats a thermonuclear burrito and gains 20% speed and perception on even posts rounded down. It doesn't sit in his stomach well half of the time and he loses 20% speed and perception on odd posts rounded up.

Major Abilities (Active): Please be very descriptive with each
1. Pancake Magic - Summons pancakes that distract the enemy with deliciousness and explodes scattering syrup. Can also be used as land mines. Opponent(s) lose(s) 20% of speed and perception for 4 posts rounded up. (4 post cooldown)
2. Way of the Gardener - Summons magic gardening tools that increases his attack and magic by 20% rounded up and disappears after 5 turns. (5 post cooldown)
3. Radioactive Dinosaur Gummy Bears - Phasen eats a gummy bear in the shape of a dinosaur and feels a radioactive surge within. All stats +20% rounded up for 3 posts (6 post cooldown)

Super Ability (Active): Please be very descriptive
1. Awesomeness Level Over 9000 - Phasen becomes so awesome that his awesomeness becomes a light-based cosmic energy that engulfs him and turns into a blindingly awesome battle suit that may or may not blind the opponent. +50% all stats rounded up for 6 posts and during any of those 6 posts he can channel all his awesomeness into a powerful beam of pure massive awesomeness to heavily damage and most likely blind the opponent. He suppresses the power of his beam to not kill the opponent though, unless if they're like evil robots or something. If he doesn't launch the beam, at the end of his 6th post, all his awesomeness releases into a shockwave that also will probably blind the opponent depending on how close they are.

Pets: His dragon Baxia

Quotes by Character: "Yah man." "Nah man."

Theme song: I'm A Winner by Swingfly

History: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... There lived an old pancake wizard who found a boy washed up by the beach made out of granola bars, and took him in as an apprentice. The pancake wizard showed the boy pancake magic, and he became a master in no time. When the time came for the boy to leave, the old wizard granted him a spell to make syrup out of thin air, and the boy accepted it. On his way down the hill, an earthquake shook the floor and he fell into a rift in time. Much, much later in the future. He was lost.

The boy quickly looked around and spotted psychic ocelots that telepathically told him where he could find the nearest phone booth. He inserted some money and looked through a phone book and found a number for a cyborg gardener. The boy called the cyborg gardener and told him of his problems. The cyborg gardener taught him the fighting style of the Way of the Gardener. He also gave him a plasma gun! The boy slept in a flower bed and dreamed of the Pringles guy. The Pringles guy said to him, "You have a great future ahead of you. You must walk exactly 6969 steps North, and you will find your destiny." The boy walks for a long time until coming across a taco statue made out of thermonuclear burritos. The statue then eats the boy and inside it's stomach a talking pair of scissors made out of paper grants him the majestic name "Phasen Neonix." Phasen then gets barfed out of the taco statue and shoots through the stars until crash-landing at "Eon Planet."

He looked around and found a tree that grew gummy bears in the shape of dinosaurs. He ate some and felt a surge of radioactive power inside him and off he flew crashing into a nearby town whose specialty was making takoyaki. He happily lived there for a while until a flying water bottle abducted him and took him to a river that only had hand sanitizer flow through it. He looked at his reflection in the hand sanitizer and then he knew what he had to do.

Phasen took a bite out of his edible crayon and he saw a dragon. Turns out this dragon was protecting him all this time. It was called "Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing." And their adventures together only started on the quest to become "awesome..." He was involved in an intergalactic chase on a planet full of pillows, he rode a dinosaur with laser guns strapped onto its back into battle to fight an evil robotic library robot, he barely escaped a nuke explosion while trying to take back the golden sandwich, and other things too awesome to talk about.

Any credit: Danganronpa, Awesomenauts, and Swingfly

Stats: (Refer to

Origin Bonuses-None

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PostSubject: Re: Phasen Neonix   Phasen Neonix EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 10:12 am

Approved! Very Happy
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Posts : 114
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PostSubject: Re: Phasen Neonix   Phasen Neonix EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 10:21 pm

Please read Update 1.2 and update accordingly
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Phasen Neonix
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