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 The Infinite Origins World 無限起源

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Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

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PostSubject: The Infinite Origins World 無限起源   Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:27 pm

world name: infinite origins world
origin anime: none
popular locations:

The mountainous continent: It was mainly ice and rock formations and home to many magical creatures, until the disaster. Where the ice and rock melted away and gave way to a floating stone castle, which inside held the "control point" which kept the darkness on the continent. The final boss of the castle is a giant rock and ice demon, born of hatred.

The islands continent: The second continent is a mixture of 6 islands. Each of those islands contains its own boss and "control point". Most of these demons are water, some are fire and the last one, on the main island is a mix of both fire and water.

The flowerpatch continent: The third continent has mountains that were risen up from the ground blocking trade from the main continent, and therefore isolating them from everything. On this continent there are giant weed patches that replaced the giant flower patches that were there. In this land the boss resides inside of the mountains that were risen of their own accord. The boss is a giant flower, but dont be fooled, it will call for backup and absorb the lands nutrition to gain back health.

The iceland continent: Mainly a region of mountains and sunlight, but the sunlight faded when an ice demon rose out of the ground and froze the main castle and the area around it. The "control point" is inside the castle, and encased in a block of unbreakable ice, the way to destroy it is to beat the ice demon.

The undead continent: This continent retained most of its beauty even when it was taken over. When taken over the demon made a castle out of the bones of undead, and awakened three great generals who fought more than 600 years ago. The boss and generals are residing in the undead castle.

The main continent: Birthplace of Kai, a massive trade source, and a once beautiful place that is now completely shrouded by darkness. The final boss is the great demon that resides deep in the core of this continent. Unknowing to the first continent and the second mainland, the main continent is adjacent to them.

World description: Set in a world with 6 continents, when an empire took over and pillaged the mythical creatures is when the main continent was established 600 years ago. The three greatest generals set off to conquer the rest of the continents while the king ordered his subjects to build a castle. After 50 years all the continents have been captured and have prospered greatly, but for the king it wasnt enough, he wanted to go to different worlds and conquer, so he dabbled in alchemy, and almost successfully summoned a demon, but was stopped with divine intervention. The gods killed the king and the 3 generals, and all the alchemists that took part in that. 550 years later, Kai was born on the day that the gods took the king and the three generals, his parents, being monks, taught him well. But when kai was invited by a handful of other alchemists to summon a "demon", his curiosity could not be helped, and thus they summoned a demon. After the successful summoning, most of the alchemists died from unknown causes, and the only ones that survived were killed by a greedy son of a monk. The demon took hold of the main continent, and spread his influence to the remaining continents, proclaiming himself the king of the land.
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PostSubject: Re: The Infinite Origins World 無限起源   Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:46 pm

World Grants +20 spe, +20 MA and +10 MR
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Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Posts : 104
Munny : 46
Join date : 2014-06-16
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PostSubject: Re: The Infinite Origins World 無限起源   Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Infinite Origins World 無限起源   

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The Infinite Origins World 無限起源
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