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PostSubject: Red the Brave   Red the Brave EmptyMon Jun 23, 2014 6:49 pm

Name: Red

Title(s): The Brave

Age: 25

Origin World/Anime: None

Family (If any): 2 sisters, 1 brother, mother and father, all presumed dead.

Gender: Male

Residence: USA, Earth

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Red is a proud man, never one to back down from a fight. He is also kind and just towards his allies and enemies.

Appearance: Brown hair. Red combat vest with a red undershirt, and black pants along with black combat boots.


Minor Abilities (Passive):

1.)Sword and the Shield: While in Sword Stance, Red gains an increase in Attack and Speed, but a decrease in Defense and Magic Resistance. While in Shield Stance, Red gains an increase in Defense and Magic Resistance, but a decrease in Attack and Speed. Either Stance can be selected at the beginning of combat.
Sword Stance(+20Atk, +15Spd. -20Def, -15MR)
Shield Stance (+20Def, +15MR, -20Atk, -15Spd)

2.)Default Stance: This Stance is after Red uses Brave Crash. This stance gives no stat bonuses. Using Stance Change while in Default Stance allows you to switch to either stance. Other abilities aside from Stance Change are not able to be used.

Major Abilities (Active):

1.)Stance Change: Using this ability will allow Red to switch from Sword Stance to Shield Stance, as well as switching from Shield Stance to Sword Stance. (1 Post Cooldown)

2.)Left Jab/Right Uppercut: While in Sword Stance, this ability is Left Jab, and in Shield Stance this ability is Right Uppercut. Left Jab is an offensive, quick and powerful left punch to the face. Right Uppercut is a defensive punch, knocking back the opponent.
(Left Jab lowers enemy's Per by 10 for 1 Turn. Right Uppercut lowers enemy's Spd by 10 for 1 Turn. Cooldown 2 Posts.)

3.)Dash In/Hunker Down: While in Sword Stance, this ability is Dash In, and in Shield Stance, this ability is Hunker Down. Dash In allows Red to quickly move in on his opponent, increases Speed.. Hunker Down is a defensive ability that lets Red stand strong and take more hits, increases Defense, unable to move while this ability is active.
(Dash In increases Red's Spd by 15 for 4 Posts. Hunker Down increases Red's Def by 25 and lowers Spd by 10 for 4 posts. Buffs will be canceled if Red switches stances. Cooldown 8 Posts.)

Super Ability (Active):

1.)Brave Crash: Red goes in both stances simultaneously gaining both passive effects. He then begins to charge up his final assault. Once ready, Red dashes in on the opponent and unleashes a devastating combination of punches. After its completion, Red will divert to his Default Stance.(+65Atk&Def, +35Spd&MR for 2 Turns


Quotes by Character: "I won't need to go 9 rounds to finish this."

Theme song:

History: Red grew up as a normal child, until his entire family disappeared. He was then adopted by a world renowned boxer. Red spent many years of his childhood training with, and became the world boxing champion at a young age of 18. He retired shortly after winning because he grew tired of fighting weak opponents. He was then approached by a shrouded man who told him that he could fight strong opponents, for as long as he desires. Once Red said yes, his arms began to change, his left arm becoming as red as blood and his fingers turned into sharp claws. Where as the right arm turned black as night, and growing excessively in the forearm region, the shape recognizing a knights shield. He is able to transform both arms at once, however doing this drains him, so he prefers to use one arm at a time.  


Atk- 40
Def- 40
MA- 0
MR- 20
Spd- 30
Per- 20
En- 0

I like chicken.
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PostSubject: Re: Red the Brave   Red the Brave EmptyMon Jun 23, 2014 8:07 pm

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Red the Brave
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