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 James mercer character creation

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James Mercer

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PostSubject: James mercer character creation   Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:04 pm

Name:James Mercer

Title(s): none


Origin World/Anime:None

Family (If any):All dead

Gender: Male

Residence: Any place willing to take him in.

Alignment:lawful good

Personality: He is a caring individual who lives by the bushido code ( thats for anyone who does not know what the bushido code is.) Lives and fights to protect the innocent.

Appearance: His black hair covers one of his eyes and covers a scar but is short and tidy at the back. Wears a royal blue shirt with matching royal blue fingerless gloves with a battle damaged yellow cape. he wears leather trousers for extra defense whist keeping his maneuverability and his light brown boots.


Minor Abilities (Passive): True emotion- gives him the ability to sence how people truely feel.

Bushido code- The strict set of rules he lives by protecting him from all kinds of mental manipulation.

Rallying cry- Motivates all allies in the area to fight harder then ever before boosting attack and defence. (+15 atk and defence for the duration of the battle but can only be used once per battle)

Major Abilities (Active): Uncles pride-the spirit of his uncle appears beside him increasing his fighting ability and motivating him to fight harder and better then ever before increasing his attack power whilst reducing the effect of pain on him and deals extra damage as they fight as one. (plus 20 attack and defence for him only for 5 posts with a 10 post cooldown)

Super slash- This move was designed to deal with armor therefore whilst it can deal with heavily armored foes its useless against foes with little to no    heavy armor. ( lowers defence by 10 if foe has 25 or more defence)

Super Ability (Active): At one with the sword- His training pays off and it further improve his fighting skill and will to fight his sword is also filled with light energy making it super effective against evil and allowing him to do a legendary combo. however the move can only be used with complete focus and the moves damage output is dependent on how evil a person is and will do nothing against the innocent and regardless of if it does damage or not performing the move takes a huge toll on his body. whilst doing the move he goes berserk as his emotions take over. (+ 35 atk,def,spd for 7 turns but renders him incapable of doing much after the move has been used making all his stats 0 for 7 posts)

Pets: none

Quotes by Character: I will pay any cost if it means protecting those who can not protect them selfs.

Theme song:

History: After the death of his parents when he was just 4 he was rased on his uncles ranch. It was there that he was trained in the blade by his uncle and honed his skill whilst he was protecting the ranch . however times got hard and he was forced to become a mercenary in order to earn the coin he needed to help his uncle run the ranch ( and try to get a little for himself as well ) soon after he was sent on a job as part of a team to take out a local bandit camp that was preventing merchants from delivering there goods to the city after destoying the camp the leader of the bandits attacked the ranch while he was away on a job now he has sworn his life to finding the person who attacked his uncles ranch and avenge his family. Dispite all thats happened he still lives by the code of bushido that his uncle trained him under he also wears his uncles locket as a keep sake and his familys sacred sword. He is always looking to better himself and improve his skill with a blade.

Any credit: none


Atk- 50
Def- 30
MA- 0
MR- 10
Spe- 30
En- 0
Origin Bonuses- none

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PostSubject: Re: James mercer character creation   Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:09 pm

Just a couple things. You need to include how your skills such as Rally Cry, Uncles Pride affect stats. (I.e Allies gain 10 Atk) Also these need post duration and post cooldown.
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PostSubject: Re: James mercer character creation   Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:29 pm

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PostSubject: Re: James mercer character creation   

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James mercer character creation
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