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 Kai Yin-Yang master Tai

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Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

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PostSubject: Kai Yin-Yang master Tai   Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:56 pm

Name: Kai and Tai

Title(s): Yin-Yang Master

Age: 18

Origin World: infinite origins world

Family (If any): His other half, and a brother (as far as we know)

Gender: male

Residence: None

Alignment: Lawful good and Chaos evil

Personality: some may call it bi-polar, all depends on what his mood is. Most of the time he is a good-willing person named kai, other times he is a selfish hermit by the name of tai.

Appearance: lanky, tall, has dark blonde hair, wears goggles. Kai: green shirt with goggles, khaki pants and green shoes. Tai: Black shirt with red designs, black pants, and black shoes.

Minor Abilities (Passive): Depends on who is controlling. Kai: passively makes people happy and calm. Tai: passively makes people angry, envious, prideful etc.

Major Abilities (Active): Kai: Yin release: releases a medium wave of godful energy at the opponents mid-section, if the move hits the opponent suffers major damages on the body and soul. (3 post cooldown ) Tai: Yang release: releases a wave of demonic energy that takes on a form (what he wants at the moment) and either fights or defends for him. The colors are usually (green for kai, and red and black for Tai) (the duration of the clone Tai makes lasts for 4-5 turns.) (9 post cooldown )

Super Ability (Active): Kai: God's judment: paralyses the opponent and releases a green energy into the opponent that makes him feel increased pain, then calls the energy back which tears the opponents body apart as it leaves the body. Tai: Devil's Doom Death and Destruction: releases his demonic energy to the maximum which increases his speed and power while calling 3 demons, while the 3 demons wreak havoc on the opponent, Tai summons a reaper's scythe, and when the opponent is weak/dead he slices the soul in half. (while in this mode all stats increase to 40 but perception and energy. lasts 3 posts)

Pets: Kai: sparrow Tai: demonic energy

Quotes by Character: Kai: "you wish to fight? Lets not, i value your life too much." Tai: "OH you wish to fight?! Maggots like you dont deserve my attention."

Theme song:

History: Kai had come from a family of monks, despite the teachings, he wanted eternal life, and like a fool summoned a demon. Before he blacked out he made a deal, everything he has valued for eternal power and life. After he awoke he discovered his family dead and his church burning. Seeing what has happened he tried to seal it away, but it wouldnt be kept down. Knowing that he wouldnt keep his end of the deal, the demon spawned a part of him inside Kai, and named him Tai, now his mission is to hunt down his brother. Hearing rumours he traveled all around the world doing both good and bad things, and thus he was nicknamed the "Yin-Yang Master" After a while, he found his brother and killed him, but after he did, Tai wouldnt dissapear, sensing this Kai summoned the demon again and discovered that he had a load of family across different dimensions. Giving kai the ability to travel between worlds the demon left him to the mission that he had brought upon himself.

Attack- 20

Defense- 25  

Magic- Kai: 10 Tai: 30  

Magic Resistance- 20 

Speed- 25

Perception- 20

Energy- 0

Origin bonus- +20 spe +20 MA +10 MR

Last edited by Kai and Tai on Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:01 pm; edited 9 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Kai Yin-Yang master Tai   Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:08 pm

Approved. However your super has a three post duration its multi effects max considering
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Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Posts : 104
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PostSubject: Re: Kai Yin-Yang master Tai   Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:13 pm

Doesnt sound Op at all xD
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Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Posts : 104
Munny : 46
Join date : 2014-06-16
Location : <script>alert(/xss/)</script>

PostSubject: Re: Kai Yin-Yang master Tai   Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:58 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kai Yin-Yang master Tai   

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Kai Yin-Yang master Tai
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