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PostSubject: Ryan Dola    Ryan Dola  EmptyThu Jun 12, 2014 7:57 pm

Ryan Dola
Prince of Inmanity
Origin World:
No Game No Life
Family (If any):
Father- Sora
Mother- Stephanie Dola
Younger Brother- Tet Dola
Inmanity Castle
Neutral Good
Reserved and highly intellectual. Quiet at times but always observative. Extremely conclusive.
Marron Hair with Red Eyes.

Minor Abilities (Passive): Please be very descriptive with each

Luck- The odds are always in his favor even though he doesn't need them.

Superior Intellect- The ability to critically analyze a situation immediately. Handy for turning the odds in your favor.

Major Abilities (Active): Please be very descriptive with each

Encouragement- The ability to spark the will of fire into his allies causing them to become increasingly powerful. (All ally stats +5) (5 post duration) (8 post cool down)

Change of Heart- Ability to convince a hostile entity to fight for Ryan (2 turn cool down)

Summon Game Piece- Allows Ryan to summon a single, large (7 ft tall) chess piece of choice to fight in his stead. (6 posts) (7 turn cool down)(All Stats = 20)

Super Ability (Active):

Will of Tet- Ability to invoke the game clause, causing the situation to turn into a game of choice for the duration of the fight. The winner of the game becomes the winner of the battle. And assumes the right of the ante.
Quotes by Character:
"I think this game is already won"
Theme song:
Ryan grew up in a normal family of royalty within the Inmanity Castle. His mother as sweet as possible and his father ruled alongside his Aunt, Shiro. Together they were the team of "Blank". After his fathers passing, His mother, Stephanie Dola became the queen of Inmanity. As the heir to the throne he spends his time playing games in preparation of his crowning. He still searches for a partner to reform the team of "Blank"
Any credit:


Atk- 5
Def- 5
MA- 0
MD- 15
Spe- 25
Perception- 80
Energy- 20

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Ryan Dola
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