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 Character Creation

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Brandon Hogan77

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PostSubject: Character Creation   Character Creation EmptyThu Jun 12, 2014 2:52 pm

Name: Brandon Hogan

Title(s): Natsu

Age: 17

Origin World: Fairy Tail

Family (If any): 3 brothers, 1 sister, my mom and dad

Gender: Male

Residence: Fiore

Alignment: Good (Neutral)

Personality: Loving person, trustworthy, Happy most of the times

Appearance: Black hair, muscular, a little skinny, brown eyes

Minor Abilities (Passive): Fire Dragon's Fist- The user engulfs their fist in flames and then punches their opponent, causing, aside from sheer blunt damage, damage from the flames as well

Major Abilities (Active): Fire Dragon's Wing Attack- The user rushes forward against two opponents. While doing so, the user produces a large stream of fire from each of their arms, which, when it comes in contact with the foes, burns them and at the same time sends them flying away behind them due to the blunt force of the produced fire. Such flames take the rough form of a pair of Dragon's wings, thus the name of the attack

Super Ability (Active): Dragon Force- When a Dragon Slayer enters Dragon Force, they effectively turn into a humanoid Dragon, gaining reptilian scales and traits, such as further elongated, and sharper, canines and scale-like patterns on their skin

Pets: A flying Cat

Quotes by Character: "You don't die for your friends you live for them"

Theme song: N/A

History: My parents died so I became a person who lived on his own depending on nobody else I never saw my 3 brothers, or my sister ever since we lost our parents

Any credit: N/A
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Character Creation Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 5:11 pm

Name: Red Devil Knight ( Akari )

Title(s): Devil's Toy

Age: 16

Origin World: Blue Exorcist

Family (If any): One Father

Gender: Female

Residence: Traveler

Alignment: Evil ( mischievous )

Personality: Akari doesn't like to socialize but she can pick up allies if needed. She isn't evil but she's forced to work for the devil. She wants to be good but since she's a demon that wish can't be fulfilled. She has a strong tough attitude and isn't afraid to defend others but at the same time she can turn on them without any remorse.

Appearance: She has armor covering her left arm made from an unknown material. She carries around a wide small sword and a dagger on her belt. She has very short hair and is 5 foot 7.

Minor Abilities (Passive): Sen no Haka : her Sword has the ability to extend its length to any measurement.
Akai Hanabira: Her dagger is manly used for assassinations but now a days its used at a toothpick

Major Abilities (Active): Sugata o Kesu: her ability to turn herself into smoke and teleport behind enemies. Also used to scale walls and buildings. Movement based
Dragon Kushi: This attack can be perform with her hand or sword. She fires her sword up and swings it to release a deadly lava like poison.If touched or inhale it can cause death to normal humans in seconds.

Super Ability (Active): Yogan Koa: her strongest attack she drives her sword into the enemy and shoots lava into the blood veins and turns the foe to ash

Pets: A small black cat that follows her around on her shoulder. This cat helps her sense people following her and the cat itself seems to like Akari a lot. Its name is Tantei, Tan-chan

Quotes by Character: " Its just a job by the devil, doesn't matter who we kill. I'm already a demon and dead so who cares anymore"
" My name is Red Devil Knight, Red the color I see the most, Devil what I stand for, Knight for my honor and willingness to help the weak."
Theme song: Silent Influence - Raujika:

History: I committed two sins and then became a demon in the after life. I wasn't a monster but the world doesn't forgives your sin. I want to free myself from the devil and live a normal life, that's all I ever wanted. I am a good person, but I work for the evilest man to ever live.

Any credit: N/A
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Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

Leonhardth Vi Brittannia

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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 8:16 pm

2 for one, how lucky, but you have to make a new topic.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Creation   Character Creation Empty

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Character Creation
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